Creating Jobs & Affordable Housing

Founded in 2009, the Homestead Community Development Corporation, also known as the Homestead Housing Authority, is a statewide nonprofit developer governed by Sovereign Council of Hawaiian Homestead Associations (SCHHA) members, from Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii Island. We were incorporated by SCHHA leaders to implement projects requiring the unique skills and knowledge necessary for success on trust land properties.

Our Mission

To develop affordable housing and economic opportunities on or near the trust landsof the native Hawaiian people, known as homesteads or Hawaiian Home Lands.

Our Accomplishments

Economic Development

We deliver customized assistance and business training designed to create jobs and advance homestead economies. Our economic development projects include an 8-acre family-focused campground, a 10-acre open-air marketplace and certified kitchen that houses 10 retail businesses, a youth center that features a baseball program, a 55-acre solar farm, and an enterprise center that supports Kauai homestead activities.

Affordable Housing

As one of the only non-profit developers focused on trust lands, we have several initiatives designed to create access to affordable housing for Native Hawaiian families. We have developed 22 single-family homes on Oahu and Kauai and are in the pre-development phase for a 50-unit rental project on Oahu and a 4-plex rental project. In addition, we facilitate a tiny home project for owner builders.

Homestead Loan Fund

Our emerging community loan fund provides assistance, training, and lending products to support enterprise development and affordable homeownership. Our wide range of assistance programs cover foreclosure prevention, becoming mortgage ready, business planning, tiny home development, and trust land realty. Our loan products can be used for tiny homes and enterprises in the transportation, farming, and ranching industries.