Providing a Pathway to Self-Determination

We are an emerging Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), which means we deliver a variety of customized assistance and training in conjunction with loan products. Our Homestead Loan Fund program builds knowledge and combines it with financing so that native Hawaiian families can have access to affordable housing and entrepreneurs can start or grow their businesses. Our lending focus areas support tiny home development as well as businesses in the agricultural, arts, and transportation sectors. 

Foreclosure Prevention Technical Assistance Program

Through our Foreclosure Prevention Technical Assistance Program we deliver seminars and one-on-one assistance to families that are experiencing delinquencies or facing foreclosure. Program participants gain an understanding of the trust land processes, are able to conduct a financial assessment, and evaluated options for loan workouts to avoid foreclosure

Lender Technical Assistance Program

Our Lender Technical Assistance Program provides families with an overview of home loan lenders and mortgage products. Through training seminars and one-on-one assistance, program participants complete a financial assessment and weigh the results against lending criteria of banks, credit unions, and community loan funds.

Micro Enterprise Assistance Program

Our Micro Enterprise Assistance Program facilitates a variety of seminars for businesses with five or fewer employees on business practices, writing a business plan, accessing capital, and operating a successful enterprise.

Tiny Home & Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Technical Assistance Program

Through our Tiny Home & Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Technical Assistance Program, we deliver seminars on the construction and financing process for land owners that want to build a small home on a vacant lot or add a small home to an existing property. In addition, we provide one-on-one assistance to support land owners in traversing the municipal building permit process.

Trust Land Realty Assistance Program

Through our Trust Land Realty Assistance Program eligible native Hawaiian families can access a database of available homestead lots and properties available on trust lands.

Lending Program

Our Lending Program supports agriculture, arts, and transportation businesses, as well as tiny home development.