Creating Jobs Through Social Enterprises

We are dedicated to creating jobs for native Hawaiian families on trust lands through a variety of economic development projects. 

Kumu Camp

Kumu Camp is an 8-acre community campground operated at Anahola Bay to provide high quality outdoor, family-based experiences, cultural gatherings, and youth events.


Anahola Marketplace

Anahola Marketplace is a 10-acre open air marketplace that was created to support local entrepreneurs by providing affordable retail space and access to a 2000 square foot certified kitchen. 


Youth Center

Our Youth Center, complete with pitching machine and a batting cage, serves homestead youth through programs like the Anahola Dodgers Baseball Clubs.  

Anahola Solar Facility

The Anahola Solar Facility is a 55-acre commercial grade solar farm developed to produce renewable energy to the Kauai island grid. It also generates revenue to invest in internships, fellowships, and employment initiatives in the Anahola region.

West Kauai Enterprise Center

The West Kauai Enterprise Center is a 3-acre parcel with a facility operated to support west Kauai homestead meetings, events, gatherings, and economic opportunities.