Making Home Affordable

We are one of the only nonprofit developers focused on the trust lands of the native Hawaiian people. With the help of our partners we have created affordable housing opportunities for several families.

Modified Self-Help Homes

The Modified Self-Help Homes project resulted in the development and construction of 22 four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes for waitlist families that were ineligible to purchase homes from for-profit developers. The home prices ranged from $160,000 to $185,000. 

Modular Tiny Homes for Owner Builders

Through our Modular Tiny Homes for Owner Builders project, we are providing assistance to families that are building tiny homes on vacant trust land lots. Floor plans include a 320 square foot studio unit, a 480 square foot one-bedroom unit, and a 640 square foot two-bedroom unit. 

A pilot tiny home has been constructed on Kauai and serves as a model home.

Maili 50-Unit Rental

Currently in the predevelopment phase, our Maili 50-Unit Rental project will create 50 rental units on fee-simple land near one of the largest homestead areas in Oahu for low-income families, teachers, and medical professionals. This project is being developed in partnership with Rural Community Assistance Corporation.

Pilot Homestead 4-Plex Affordable Rental Units

Our Pilot Homestead 4-Plex Affordable Rental Units project in the design and predevelopment phase is working to develop a replicable model that will produce 4-plex structures consisting of studio and one-bedroom micro-rental units that will be managed by homestead associations on every island.